Expect the MacLeod Law Human Touch


Initially, someone from MacLeod Law will briefly talk with you on the phone. During this call, you will tell us how we can help you. We obtain the name of your employer and perform a conflict search to make sure there is no conflict of interest. There is no charge for this phone call.

If you want to proceed further, we usually set up a meeting with you in  our office. During our initial telephone call, we will inform you of our fee for  this meeting which is called an initial consultation.

We will then usually meet in either the Toronto or Barrie MacLeod Law firm office. At this time, you will provide us  with more background to your legal problem, and provide us with any relevant documentation.  At the end of this meeting, we will outline our your legal rights, explain what legal options are  available to you, and recommend how we think you should proceed.

If you want to proceed further, we will ask you to enter into a retainer which describes the scope of the future services we will be providing you. We will also discuss and agree on our fees  for all future services. After we have agreed on a retainer and our fees, MacLeod Law Firm will start working on your case.

We will send you a copy of all correspondence that we send and receive  concerning your case. Sometimes we will ask you to review correspondence to make it is factually correct before we finalize and send it.


Q: I’m nervous about hiring a lawyer. I’m afraid he won’t be on my side.

A: Hiring a lawyer should not be an intimidating process. After all, you are
the client and your lawyer is simply acting on your behalf. You should be
comfortable with the person you hire as your lawyer.

Q: Where do your clients come from?

A: The vast majority of our clients are referred to us from other lawyers, or from former clients.

Q: Aren’t all lawyers the same?

A: The most important factor in choosing a lawyer is their competance to  solve your problem. Relatively few lawyers specialize in labour and  employment law. We have restricted our practice to labour and employment law since  1989. We don’t do wills, or separation agreements, or criminal matters.


Q: What should I expect from a lawyer?

A: Your lawyer should serve you in a conscientious, diligent and efficient

Q: What does a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner look like?

A: Your lawyer should send copies of all correspondence sent and received  regarding your case. He should always be reachable in emergencies. Unless  there are extenuating circumstances, your lawyer should return your calls by the  next business day at the latest. Your lawyer should keep you up to date on new  developments in your file.

We do all of this for you.

Q: What about confidenciality?

A: Your lawyer must hold in strict confidence all information that you
provide him in the course of your professional relationship. We encourage my
clients to tell us the positive and negative aspects of their case. It is very
important for us to have all relevant information to properly advise you.

Q: I hear horror stories about surprise fees showing up when the case is
over. What is your stand on fees?

A: Your lawyer should not charge any fee which is not fully disclosed, fair
and reasonable. We talk about fees at the beginning of my relationship with you. This way we avoid any misunderstanding on this topic. This process also
encourages you to discuss your needs and expectations on fees.

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MacLeod Law Firm has been practicing labour and employment law for over 20 years. Through our offices in Toronto and Barrie we would be happy to help.

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