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Ontario Employment Laws | Doing Business Here

You will need to comply with Ontario employment laws if you are planning to operate a business in this province.

Numerous obligations will be imposed on your organization including the following:

You have an obligation to comply with the minimum standards set out in the Employment Standards Act (ESA) such as paying a minimum wage, providing two weeks vacation each year, paying statutory holidays, providing up to one year maternity leave etc. You are required to post a copy of the ESA in your workplace. We can make sure you are complying with all these minimum standards and taking advantage of certain exceptions in the ESA that can save you wage costs. For more information on this practice area, click here

You have an obligation to provide a safe workplace. At a minimum, you must prepare and post a health and safety plan. The Occupational Health & Safety Act imposes numerous obligations on owners, employers, and supervisors. Your organization can be fined up to $ 500 000 for a violation of this legislation. Directors can be fined up to $ 25 000. We can help you understand the specific obligations that are imposed in your work place. For more information on this practice area, click here

You have an obligation to make sure employees aren’t discriminated against because of their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and 10 other grounds. We can recommend steps that can be taken to minimize the risk that an employee will file a human rights complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal which has the jurisdiction to order an employer to pay substantial damages to employees. For more information on this practice area, click here

Generally, you have an obligation to provide an employee with “reasonable notice of termination” unless the employee has agreed to accept less notice in an employment contract (or you have just cause to terminate). We can prepare an employment contract for you which can substantially reduce your termination costs. For more information on this practice area, click here

You have a duty to collect a payroll taxes like employment insurance premiums, Canada Pension Plan premiums, workers’ compensation premiums, and employer health tax premiums. If certain parts of your business can be performed by independent contractors, no such deductions need to be made. The terms of any written agreement with an independent contractor are carefully scrutinized by the Canada Revenue Agency and we can draft this agreement for you.

Although we restrict our legal practice to labour and employment law, we can refer you to other legal specialists for your other legal needs. For corporate law advice, contact Nicky Huq at nhuq@snsca.com. For complex commercial litigation representation, contact Chris MacLeod at cmacleod@cambridgellp.com . For libel and slander advice, contact Chris Ashby at cashby@bellnet.ca

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