Severance packages are rarely a take it or leave it proposition.

Most employment contracts take away some of your rights.

Damages for human rights violations are increasing.

Ontario courts will rarely enforce a non-competition agreement for a departing employee.

Your employer must investigate a workplace harassment or workplace violence complaint.

You should be careful if you are asked to become an independent contractor.


Client Testimonial | Billie C., Human Rights Case 

“Being transgender in this world can be challenging. Trying to navigate in the world after a traumatic event can be paralyzing. Working with Nicole and the MacLeod Law Firm was by far the best decision I made in moving forward with my human rights case.

From day one she was there at every step of the process and always took control when I could not. She explained everything with great detail and I always felt very respected, comfortable and at ease.

Nicole is an amazing person and a skilled lawyer. I highly recommend Nicole and the MacLeod Law Firm. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness and compassion.” -February 2016

Client Testimonial | Michael Sweetnam

“I contacted MacLeod Law firm when I was in final contract negotiations with a potential employer and needed a legal perspective before signing an employment contract.  I found them to be very responsive and insightful. Doug MacLeod was able to review the contract, assess my needs and provide valuable feedback within tight deadlines.”

Client Testimonial | Greg B., Operations AVP, Retail

“I received employment advice from Nicole when leaving a role as well as upon starting a new one. In both cases, I was treated highly professionally by the MacLeod Law Firm, and achieved what I consider an optimal result based on the cogent advice Nicole provided. Initially, I even enrolled another employment lawyer in parallel, to compare notes…. and quickly realized that I would have saved money and maximized my compensation by simply following Nicole’s advice. Today MacLeod is my go-to law firm for all employment-related matters, and I highly recommend that you give them a shot too.” Greg B, Operations AVP, Retail – March 2015

Client Testimonial | Graham Moss, long service employee

“After 20 years of loyal service with the same organization, I was handed a folder and my role eliminated.  In a 5 minute conversation, my  world was turned upside down.  Your mind is filled with a million thoughts while dealing with a multitude of emotions.  I had  7 days to review and accept the package.  Doug’s experience was in invaluable in helping me understand my options.  He walked me through the package, answered all of my questions, and provided me with the peace of mind necessary to allow me to move on with my life.”

Client Testimonial | Serena L., Finance Manager

“I was terminated while I was on my last week of maternity leave. It was totally a shock for me. Being a finance professional for over ten years with good performance, I never thought this would happen to me. Mr. MacLeod was referred to me by a head hunter that I knew for years. He took the time to review my case and discuss my options. My case didn’t resolve until a year later. During the whole process, Mr. MacLeod showed great professionalism. I never felt pressured to make any decisions, even during mediation. After a monetary settlement had been agreed upon, Mr. MacLeod went even further to help me get a favourable reference letter that I needed. Mr. MacLeod definitely cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone whom might need an employment lawyer.”

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