Fired? What to Know Before You Sign

By , July 20, 2018 11:55 am

At face value, anything under official letterhead seems legal and final.  However, the conditions of your termination may well be negotiable. So, while being fired can be a confusing and stressful time, it is absolutely crucial that you read and consider the information contained in the severance package that was presented to you by your employer before signing anything.  Contrary to how you may be feeling, you may still have a great amount of power in negotiating the very best severance package possible. With the help of an experienced employment lawyer, your termination could actually be transformed into increased compensation and future opportunities.

Severance packages are contracts created by employers and their lawyers that dictate the conditions of your termination.  Like the employment contract you signed upon accepting your job offer, severance packages can alter and change your rights, and are created in the interest of the employer.  

Your employer may think you have a valid termination clause when you in fact do not.  Or your employer could be offering you much less than you could receive in court. Your employer may be asking you to “release” possible future claims.  Do you know what claims you could have? You may be able to receive more money, longer lasting benefits, a more favourable reference letter, or other conditions that will allow you to move forward gracefully.  These conditions are often difficult to spot and understand, but can be extremely important for you.

At MacLeod Law Firm, we are experts in employment, labour, and human rights law.  We can review your severance package to ensure that your interests are being protected.  If you have questions after being fired or about your severance package, you can contact us at [email protected] or 647-204-8107.

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