What to do when you receive a release from your employer?

By , September 26, 2018 10:00 am

When an employee is terminated and offered a severance package, they are almost always asked to sign a release agreement in exchange. A release agreement, as the name suggests, releases the employer from liabilities for employment-related claims. Thus, after an employee has signed a release agreement, if they attempt to sue their employer later on, Continue Reading…

Secret Recordings at the Workplace (Part 2)

By , August 21, 2018 9:24 pm

Last week, I posted a blog about the advisability of recording conversations at the workplace. However, that’s not the only consideration to keep in mind given the advent of technology. I often receive calls from clients who suspect they are being monitored by their employers. One thing that is important to know is that secret Continue Reading…

Secretly Recording Your Boss: A Slippery Slope (Part 1)

By , August 10, 2018 11:36 am

Secret recordings at the workplace has been at the forefront of the news lately, what with Omarosa Manigault releasing surreptitious recordings she took during her stint at the White House. Even before this news broke, I have been asked by clients whether an employee can record a conversation with their supervisor without the supervisor’s knowledge. Continue Reading…

How to prove mental distress

By , February 20, 2018 9:27 pm

As we have written before, if an employer mistreats an employee either during their employment or at the time of their termination, that employee may be entitled to aggravated damages (or damages for mental distress). The most common situation in which these damages are awarded is when an employee can prove they suffered mental distress Continue Reading…

Recent changes to Employment Insurance benefits

By , December 11, 2017 10:00 am

In November of this year, Employment and Social Development Canada confirmed that new Employment Insurance (“EI”) parental, maternity and caregiving benefits will come into force effective December 3, 2017. We previously blogged about these proposed changes when the new EI benefits were being proposed in the federal budget. The changes that have been announced are Continue Reading…

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