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Advocate Daily, Valuing employee pensions in wrongful dismissal cases (Doug MacLeod)

Now Magazine, Employment rights for new Canadians (Nicole Simes)

Advocate Daily, MacLeod Law Firm adds new associate (Doug MacLeod)

Lawyer’s Daily, Genetic discrimination unclear in provincial law (Nicole Simes)

Lawyer’s Daily, The case for applications instead of actions in wrongful dismissal cases (Nicole Simes)

Canadian Lawyer & Law Times, Paralegal awarded $22,000 in harassment case (Nicole Simes)

Toronto Star, Toronto woman says fellow bank customer made anti-Asian slurs (Nicole Simes)

Lawyers Weekly, Accommodation Requests Must be Carefully Considered (Nicole Simes)

Advocate Daily, MacLeod Law Firm expands with new associate, Nadia Halum (Doug MacLeod)

Law Times, Off-duty conduct increasingly under scrutiny: lawyers (Nicole Simes)

CanLII Connects, Give HRTO power to award costs: Simes (Nicole Simes)

Benefits Canada, How to support transgender employees (Nicole Simes)

Find Law, ‘Poisoned’ kitchen culture promotes sexual harassment (Nicole Simes)

CanLII Connects, Landmark human rights damages award likely to spur more claims (Nicole Simes)

CanLII Connects, Accommodation goes both ways for employers, employees (Nicole Simes)

CanLII Connects, Discrimination ruling good news for employees (Doug MacLeod)

PRWeb, Toronto Employment Lawyer Comments on Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace (Nicole Simes)

Canadian Lawyer, Lawyers and paralegals can’t charge to bring HRTO case on someone’s behalf (Nicole Simes)

Macleans, Is this a watershed in battle against sexual harassment? (Nicole Simes)

Advocate Daily, Mandate outlined by CBC raises legal question (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, SCC ruling reduces wrongful dismissal court costs (Doug MacLeod)

The Star, Court opens way to faster settlements of wrongful dismissal cases (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Decision underlines difficulty of justifying random testing  (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Fixed schedule ruling unlikely to open floodgates (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Ignorance of law no defence under Ontario’s accessibility law  (Doug MacLeod)

Macleans, Open secrets online: What’s personal and what’s corporate? (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Drawing the line between personal, corporate online presence (Doug MacLeod)

The Star, AODA and Small business: Severe penalties for lack of accessibility for the disabled (Doug MacLeod)

Law Times, Is Small Claims Court a good venue for wrongful dismissal cases? (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Small claims limit increase big reason for more cases (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Event aims to raise $100,000 for Parkinson’s research (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Cases should hit home for employers monitoring emails (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Asking applicant age qualifies as discrimination (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, Waitress’s termination “unfair,” MacLeod says (Doug MacLeod)

Advocate Daily, What to consider after job termination (Doug MacLeod)

Videos – Employment and Human Rights 

Advocate Daily, Toronto employment lawyers Doug MacLeod and Nicole Simes, of MacLeod Law Firm, face off: Be it resolved that an employer should never terminate an employee when they return from maternity leave.

City News, Federal agents entitled to fixed shifts due to child care, appeal court rules

Advocate Daily, Toronto employment lawyers Doug MacLeod and Nicole Simes face off: be it resolved that terminated employees should be required to actively seek employment.

Advocate Daily, Toronto employment lawyers Doug MacLeod and Nicole Simes, of MacLeod Law Firm, face off: Be it resolved that employers should always give a reference.

Advocate Daily, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod says more health and safety obligation are soon to be imposed on Ontario’s employers.

Advocate Daily, Toronto Employment Lawyer Doug MacLeod says there are conflicting decisions on what is an employer’s duty to give time off to allow an employee to care for children or parents.

Advocate Daily, Toronto Employment Lawyer Doug MacLeod explains why employment contracts should be reviewed regularly.

Advocate Daily, Employers need to stay on top of their obligations under Health and Safety legislation, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod.

Advocate Daily, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod says just because you call someone an independent contractor doesn’t mean they are.

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