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Jessica P., University employee

I contacted the MacLeod Law Firm at a very critical transition time in my life and I found Nadia to be very considerate and understanding. I am very grateful for all the help and support Nadia provided to see me through.

Marie P., Technologist.

“Thank you Nicole! You have helped me tremendously.”

Galjit N., Bank employee

“I was terminated by a Bank while I was pregnant. At that time I was shocked and overwhelmed with a range of emotions and utterly devastated. I was referred to Doug MacLeod of the MacLeod Law Firm. He took the time to carefully review my career and history with my former employer, and to assess all options and rights.  Right from the initial meeting, Doug was empathetic and professional, and it was evident that he possessed a wealth of experience and knowledge as it related to employment law.

Recognizing that I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, Doug worked tirelessly to ensure that I could put this experience behind me so that I could focus on enjoying the remainder of my pregnancy.  He aggressively  pursued my former employer to compensate me for my financial loss. As a result of Doug’s efforts, I was able to achieve a settlement that was fair and that would allow me to finally focus on my family and put this terrible ordeal behind me.

I hope that none of my friends or family ever have to experience this terrible process, but if they do, it is without hesitation that I would refer them to Doug MacLeod, a professional that I can trust and endorse.”


Gander T, Part-owner of Small Business

“Thank you Doug for your advise and counsel. My employment and the termination of my employment had an uncertain outcome. Because of your understanding of my situation you were able to negotiate a favourable severance package on my behalf. It was clear from the start that you were always looking out for my best interest. We built a good working relationship. If I ever need an employment lawyer again I would definitely retain you again.”

Glen N., Salesperson

“I was terminated when my former employer closed down operations in Canada. It refused to pay me the minimum termination and severance pay I was owed and claimed I owed it money because I was a commissioned salesperson and my draw exceeded commissions. I had never once been told that I was a commissioned salesperson and a lawyer friend put me in contact with Doug MacLeod of the Macleod Law Firm. Doug tried to settle the case before trial however at mediation the employer refused to offer me a fair settlement so we proceeded to trial. Doug never put any pressure on me to settle early. The option was always mine. Under the Employment Standard Act the most I could have recovered was $10,000. The court awarded me almost double that amount.  In addition, the employer was ordered to pay most of my legal fees.”

Patrick Tinney, Senior Executive

“I have known Doug MacLeod of the MacLeod Law Firm for many years and can highly recommend him as a savvy  labor lawyer.  Doug is very time aware and is straight to the point on  collecting key client case information.  He is focused on bringing the other side to the negotiation table.  Doug is attentive with his listening skills and  shows strength in his ability to distinguish strong case points versus those that offer lesser value.  What I liked about Doug was his articulation of  negotiation strategy.  He is not afraid to say “let’s take this deal.”

Sean R., Salesperson

“A former employer refused to pay me commissions I was owed at the time my employment ended. I had the good fortune of being referred to Doug MacLeod of the MacLeod Law Firm.   Doug was always upfront and realistic with expectations of the legal process and likely outcomes.  It was a lengthy relationship that lasted about a year and with Doug’s guidance I was successful in coming to agreement and being awarded the full amount of monies owing.  Doug provided trustworthy guidance throughout a 12 month disagreement with a past employer. Since that time I have referred other friends to him with pleasure and confidence.”

Anne S, Consultant

“I have a consulting business. I work for countries in many different countries. Since 2006 I have depended on Doug MacLeod’s sage counsel for every work contract I negotiated as an independent consultant. Doug is quick to respond to my requests and is adept at helping me to prepare for client meetings. I always feel much better equipped to handle difficult issues and advocate for what is important to me. My logic and my language are much sharper after Doug helps me to prepare.”

Kurt P, Hospitality Industry

“At first I was leery of contacting the MacLeod Law Firm as I felt that my little dismissal would be nothing more than an annoyance to a law firm that deals with much larger issues. As it turns out I could not have been more wrong. Doug MacLeod advised me about what my rights were, and to my utter delight, also informed me that I was entitled to a much larger severance. During the course of the negotiations, Doug kept me abreast of everything that was happening as it happened and always had options for me to decide how to proceed. I thank Doug for the time and energy he put into my small claim. I always had his full attention, and was never put off in favour of a larger client. No matter if your claim is large or small, the MacLeod Law Firm is the place to go. I will definitely feel great about referring anybody in need of a lawyer to Doug.”

John S., Bank Employee

“Doug came highly recommended to me, which proved to be true as he provided me with excellent service and advice, and, achieved a desired outcome in my case, with the minimum fuss that one hopes for when dealing with personal legal matters.
I would highly recommend Doug to anyone in need of employment law legal advice.”

Crystal Lynn, Human Rights case

“Doug was recommended to me by a friend after my employer refused to accommodate my doctor’s recommendations regarding my high risk pregnancy. It was a very emotional ordeal for myself and my husband and Doug was very supportive and helpful. He listened to us and guided us through our options step by step. Doug really knows what he is doing and I felt that he really cared, which was so important to me.

I am so happy to have been referred to Doug. He is an excellent, knowledgeable lawyer with compassion.”

MacLeod Law Firm has been practicing labour and employment law for over 20 years. Through our offices in Toronto and Barrie we would be happy to help.




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