MacLeod Law Firm has been providing employers in Toronto and Barrie with labour and employment law advice and representation since 1989.

Our focus is on providing timely, creative, cost-effective legal solutions to business problems.

You can call MacLeod Law Firm lawyers directly on their cell phones. If unavailable, you can expect a return call the same business day.

Our lawyers are experienced so you can expect to get an answer to most of your employment law questions immediately.

We help our clients understand the numerous obligations that are imposed on Ontario employers.

Do you want to terminate the employment of one of your employees? If so, make sure you understand your rights and obligations before doing so. MacLeod Law Firm can help you minimize the time, cost and disruption caused by an employee termination. For more information on this practice area, click here.

Has an employee come to you claiming sexual harassment? If so, you should take the complaint seriously. MacLeod Law Firm can explain your potential legal exposure and how to handle the complaint.

Do you have the following human resource policies: health & safety policy; workplace violence policy; workplace harassment policy; computer use policy; and, a sexual harassment policy? If not, you should.  MacLeod Law Firm can explain why. For more information on this practice area, click here.

Have you been thinking of introducing employment contracts at your workplace? If so, you have good instincts! It is a great idea. MacLeod Law Firm can explain how employment contracts can expand your management rights, and decrease the cost of employee terminations. For more information on this practice area, click here.

Have you received a call or a letter from the Ministry of Labour, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, or the Canadian Revenue Agency about one of your former employees? If so, be very careful about how you respond because the person may have the power to issue an order against you. MacLeod Law Firm can explain why you received the letter/call and we can act as your representative in all future dealings with the government.

Although MacLeod Law Firm restricts its legal practice to labour and employment law, we can refer you to other legal specialists for your other legal needs. For corporate law advice, contact Nicky Huq at [email protected].

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