Human Resource Policies

We have been advising employers on human resource policies for over 20 years.

We advise employers on their obligations to implement mandatory human resource policies: For example, the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act mandates that every employer post a written health & safety policy. Since June 2010, this law also provides that organizations who employ at least 6 workers must post a written workplace violence policy and a workplace harassment policy.

We recommend that employers implement human resource policies that are not required by law: For example, we suggest that most employers implement, among other policies, a human rights policy, a social media policy and a computer use policy.

For more information on social media policies, see The Importance of a Social Media Policy

and/or Social Media In The Workplace

We review and comment on existing and proposed human resource policies: When doing so, we often find that the employer has inadvertently implemented policies that reduce the organization’s right to manage. This can happen if an employer “borrows” policies from another organizations – particularly unionized workplaces. If you can’t explain how a policy helps the organization, then ask yourself “why does it exist”?

We draft human resource policies on behalf of employers: We are aware that human resource policies can be used against an organization in litigation. We keep this legal backdrop in mind when drafting policies on behalf of our clients. For example, if an organization sets a standard in a policy that is higher than the minimum legal requirement then the employer will generally be held to that higher standard. Similarly, if an organization does not consistently enforce a policy then a court may not enforce the policy or uphold discipline that is based on a violation of that policy. Computer use policies that completely ban the use of company property for personal use is an example of such a policy.

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