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Patrick Brown: Could the Alleged Sexual Harassment/Assaults Have Been Prevented?

By , January 25, 2018 5:04 pm

Yesterday, CTV reported that two women alleged Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown sexually harassed and/or sexually assaulted them. Shortly after the story broke Mr. Brown resigned as party leader.

I don’t think Mr. Brown will deny he met either women. Instead I think he will claim that whatever happened was consensual.  In other words, classic “he said, she said” situations. If criminal charges are laid against Mr. Brown then the Crown will need prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. The same burden of proof as in the Jian Ghomeshi case.

This blog considers whether either situation could have been avoided from an employment law perspective.

If the federal government had addressed sexual harassment and sexual assault in the federal civil service and the House of Commons prior to 2013, then I think the 2013 incident could have been prevented. The Prime Minister could have stood up in the House of Commons and said the federal government is going to take a leadership role on this issue and take proactive steps to redress this societal problem. First, by saying it won’t be tolerated; second, by requiring all employees and MPs to comply with a sexual harassment policy; and third, by introducing a complaint procedure and encouraging employees to use it. This would have put MPs on notice of the cultural change the government was committed to leading and would have made all MPs think twice about sexually harassing staff. It would also communicate a very strong message to staff that the employer wanted people to bring forward sexual harassment complaints. In this climate, I think Mr. Brown would have thought twice before allegedly bringing a staff member back to his home or into his bedroom.

I don’t think the incident that took place over 10 years ago could have been prevented through workplace policies. According to the CTV report, the 17 year old female high school student did not appear to have any connection to Mr. Brown’s workplace and they do not appear to have met at a workplace event.

Given the societal change that has taken place in connection with sexual harassment and sexual assault over the last 5 years I do not believe nearly as many employees or politicians will put themselves in compromising situations in the future. The adverse consequences associated with sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations in 2018 is staggering.  Without these allegations, polls show Mr. Brown would have been premier of Canada’s largest province in June.

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